boston to madrid, and then to france

It’s been a while dear readers: last two posts were put up eleven days ago from Boston Logan International Airport. Since then every day dress has been so many places and walked so many miles, feel like those bike racers in Madrid two weekends ago.

Finally wrote the first draft of this post from Saint-Emillion France after the first 48+ hours of travel and 48+ hours in Spain and now I know why certain CNN commentators say blogging was so five years ago. Took forever to do anything, especially photo uploading, and posting almost impossible. Instagram can push your content before you are even ready and have you second-guessing and taking it back. Twitter might be great, tried that but hasn’t caught on here for me.

Most will tell you that traveling can be both glamorous and a grind so here are a few visuals. Wore first daughter’s distressed boyfriend jeans while in Boston, seems like forever ago, and, yes, changed to black Ponte pants, tank and jacket, for flying through the night, added the belt to give the look a little definition, and then to black lace dress for dinner, all in Spain.

For short flights looking great while wearing a skirt or dress is easy to pull off. Not so much for transatlantic, therefore the black pants with stretch. Slip on and slip off boots for getting through security and slipping off easily to stow under the seat in front of you. Every day dress flies coach most of the time, has a thing for buying handbags and since money doesn’t grow on trees need to make choices. Oldest daughter tells me she would forgo business class for a Lady Dior too. 🙂

It’s Wednesday, September 25th, back in the US and back at work. Travel opens your eyes and refreshes your soul. Looking forward to sharing fashion and lifestyle notes again and hoping to inspire women to every day dress. Need to get over the jet lag. Everything in time.


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  1. To be honest, I would sit in the cargo of the plane to get a Lady Dior.


  2. I sat in coach and I didn’t get a lady Dior??

    Second daughter

    • haha
      twenty-six years of marriage baby…

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