would you wear this?

You’re thousands of miles away from everyone you know, celebrating all good things with the love of your life, and having dinner in the countryside of France. Would you wear a transparent lace tank with a beautiful opaque silk bra underneath?

One of my younger by the decade and in the know friends at lunch awhile ago suggested I follow Yolanda Foster on Instagram. Yolanda’s big message is #getwise or ‘get wise, keep your romance alive’. Yolanda is gorgeous, loves her kids and loves her man, and inspires you to drink lemon water, I know, another post and topic altogether. Anyways, Yolanda has some great basic life messages, check her out, and thank you Jamie.

As for the outfit? The flat leather boots grounded it, you can’t wear a heel of any kind while walking on centuries old cobblestone, and, when wanting some coverage simply snapped up the matching cardigan. Very demure, right?

French phrase at the end of the night, ‘l’addition s’il vous plait’.

Get wise, keep your romance alive. Love life and every day dress. Would you wear this?

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  1. Love her Geoff knows her husband David

  2. Love Yolanda Geoff knows her husband David

    • Hi there, Tracy. So great to hear from you. Thank you for reminding me to always double checks spelling, especially with names! Yikes, I rolled her middle initial into her first name from her Instagram handle. Corrected now, thank you. I love her and love her commitment to love and romance. 🙂 Her husband is very handsome and talented, they seem to have it going on together for sure. Hope all is well with you and yours. xo

  3. I love this post I am rethinking my wardrobe based in this! You are so right .we shouldn’t always go for safe and comfortable , especiallyEuropean women’s are so stylish! Great thoughts!

    • Pack and wear a skirt or dress for your upcoming trip to Italy! Go for it! Change it up! Show your legs!

  4. Yes, i would. That’s part of the fun of traveling when it’s just the two of you. Go for it~

    • I could totally see you in an outfit like this. And even parts of it taken and worn as separates, perhaps even with Converse. Converse were all over Europe and looked great on even the most stylish women, not just for kids. Barbara, you inspire me, and thank you!

  5. Ow ow!!! If you want to let me borrow this outfit, yes I would wear it

    Second daughter

    • Yes, you may borrow, especially the tank, I know you would wear that discoteching with your miniskirts, and you would look great. Leather skirt? Perhaps a smaller and more abbreviated one for you, ask Lizzie, she has two. 🙂
      Love you, miss you, be safe, have fun. xoxoxoxoxox

      • Ohhhhh, OD would rock this too. hot MAMA! You look great.

  6. Are you for real???

  7. You are so out of touch with the real world it blows my mind! Help feed someone!

  8. love the outfit

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