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We’ve all been there, work all day, booked for a late flight out, flight delayed, then straight to dinner. Your clothes need to count. When you’re running and handling your own luggage you need to be able to move fast. Of course you could do blue jeans or black pants, sleeveless tee and jacket. Why not a skirt that zips and unzips up to there? Seems to be that when you put on the skirt you gain instant credibility and a good table at the restaurant. Why is that? Significant and rhetorical.

For Buffalo NY to Boston MA wore long black skirt, sleeveless appliquéd tee, and favorite push up sleeves jacket. Flat boots that slip on and off for security check through a necessity.

Luggage? That’s all. Leaving town for nine days, Boston, Madrid, Paris, and all points in between on the agenda. Love to pack light and be able to handle all the stuff when on your own, never know where you might find yourself.

For airport to dinner relied on that favorite friend, black. As you can see daughters love it too.

Every day dress airport to dinner and onwards to Spain.

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  1. I would love a post showing us your wardrobe capsule for this trip. How on earth did you get it all in a carry-on? I am packing-challenged and need to see how it’s done.

    Travel safely, my friend.

  2. Not sure why my comment, above, ended up as from “anonymous” — operator error, I guess — but I wanted you to know that it’s from me. 🙂 — Barb

    • Hi there girlfriend, yes we relate, I knew the comment was from you simply from your sincere and well written closure, ‘travel safely, my friend.’ You made me smile and thank you. As for the a wardrobe capsule for packing for Europe? Yes, would love to post about how to pack for nine or ten days in two small bags. It can be done and makes things easier. You will be the first to know when I get that post written and up. Thank you for reading and all of your support. Would love to help you with packing…

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