multiples, again


Dress, as seen before in blue silk, now again in rosewater. This dress has so much versatility, equally appropriate for a wedding or bar mitzvah, or, like seen here, for kind of casual dinner at The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. It works, so put two in the wardrobe. Dear friend said to me while shopping at Waterside shops yesterday that she doesn’t want to think about what to wear or how to put herself together yet she still wants to look great and feel great. Couldn’t agree more, again, consider multiples.

Packed this cold shoulder dress in both colors for this trip south and wore it to dinner with same group of people on two different nights. Both nights felt great. Husband of dear friend liked the look, didn’t even recall that his wife, faithful client, has the same dress too. Love when friends, clients, family, and daughters have the same pieces, it’s a total complement.

Third daughter, fourteen year old, also wore the cold shoulder look last night too. She wanted something simple to wear with her new floral jeans so white cold shoulder blouse to the rescue. Multiples, again, closet has this little chic piece in black too.

Total tangent here but here goes: currently reading Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In on the iPad. Being a work from home parent of four daughters with one just starting her career and three still in school, lots to think about here, likability, success, and fear high up on the list. WNY Women’s Foundation, totally looking forward to your community conversation on May 2nd. Know this topic includes our two sons in their twenties as well, as they have bright women in their lives beginning careers, too. Husband has always been a huge advocate of women and education. He wrote my tuition check for college as I went to night school, pregnant with twins and our eighteen month old at home. The company I now work for, Worth New York, offers women the opportunity to succeed while being able to combine work with life, family, and community involvement. While achieving a minimum to moderate level of success, reflecting on what’s needed for greater success. Looking forward to lots of good work  and conversation. Back to the real office on Monday.

Hope you can celebrate with us this Thursday, April 11th. Every day dress is an all-inclusive fashion and lifestyle site, if you check in here at all and would like to celebrate life love fashion food fitness, and work, email us here. Letting Antonio know final party count by Monday afternoon.

Have a great Saturday night. xoxo

Dress and White Cold Shoulder Blouse | Worth New York Spring Summer 2012

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