check your postage, twice

No newbies here to mailing good stuff, we send gorgeous clothes out sometimes twice a week and odd sized cards as often as we can.

First time through the wedding ring, loads of learning opportunities, especially with respect to:


  • design invites early, and order greater quantity than you’ll ever think you need, especially envelopes.
  • know that the welcome reception, if any, and the rehearsal (and dinner), are moving parts, and if an insert is designed for that order extra too, yikes.
  • sometimes it’s best to offload this chunk of work to non-hyper-talented family and friends, it can get tricky. then, when something goes wrong, or just not right, which usually happens, it’s not on all of us, it’s on them. wicked run-on sentence there, lots of emotion, can you tell?
  • definitely, and always, take all pieces of the invitation suite to favorite USPS station and have everything, WEIGHED, and then purchase appropriate and beautiful required postage.
  • set aside a full weekend to address all invites, and then somehow pull in three full extra days, no kidding.
  • seal the suckers, with help from husband’s office, and drive to post office (with other parcels of course, gorgeous clothes), and ask to have them all hand-cancelled, triumphantly.
  • Stand on line and visit same favorite clerk that weighed the invite suite initially thinking you are great to go and than look at her without any wonder when she weighs them, upon arrival, and than measures them, yikes!!!, and tells you that they all require an additional 21 cents. Remember, look on your face can express no wonder at all.
  • understand that the additional 21cent stamp is not the right vibe for this envelope and that you need the Oscar stamp, because that’s how it is when you kind of love style.
  • Local post office has no Oscar, so drive to second post office and they have no Oscar either.
  • Finally, go to master post office, get the Oscar, put those things on, and send them off.

we like three stamps versus two stamps better anyways

SWISH! Invites out, woot woot! Caroline and Sean no turning back now.

white denim, white tank, husbands sweater, lots of construction going on

Every day dress, check your postage, twice! Haha.

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