looking towards spring


First thought was to name this post waiting for spring but that thought kind of puts you at a standstill. Let’s all look towards spring, and not wait.

It’s been a long one, hoping to inspire, so here goes:

  • if you’re still sporting any kind of red and green on your door, change it up now. In this case, we’re waiting for you. Wreath shown bought at the grocery, $29.99. Wish it were more Martha, taking a break from that whole game for a while, the grocery will do and do just fine.


  • cook up a leg of lamb. Rub it with some Dijon mustard and stuff it with garlic, rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper, and a little more mustard. Throw some 2 inch sliced organic carrots into the roasting pan, serve all the juices up with the carrots on top.
  • mash-up some real potatoes. Boss called me while I was peeling them and asked if I was for real. Yes, real mashed potatoes on a weeknight, always.


  • small detail in the living room but makes me happy every time I look at them: switched up the pillows on the matching set of chairs for this kind of modern cotton linen batik kind of fabric. Friend and client who runs her own interior design company helped me out with this and more. Always happy to support local business owned by women. Check out your neighborhood for that kind of thing.


  • decided that work a day in blue jeans and a pullover will just have to do and be okay. It’s still raining and snowing and sleeting out there, have studied all kinds of spring and summer fashion via New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, NET-A-PORTER et al. Haven’t pulled the spring summer 2014 fashion trigger yet and when I do it will probably be big, until then blue jeans black jeans boots sweaters whatever it will be. Phoebe Philo wears Stan Smiths, loose pants, white blouse and slouchy sweater, it’s all okay.
  • pullover is navy, not black, and liking the shorter in front, ease away from the body, and cross-over open in back, this will go right to the end of summer.
  • bright pink leather lining on the bag is great too. Gotta smile.

If you’re still reading, thank you. There is incredibly great stuff out there with respect to fashion and lifestyle, wanted this site to be a little different and doable. LOVE all that great stuff, thank you everyone. Here we are about the every day. Sometimes food, sometimes fashion, always family, mostly real.

Every day dress looking towards spring, not waiting.


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  1. Thank you. I always look forward to your blog posting. You continue to inspire me; food, fashion, household.

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