day two

anyone can do this, all black.

Back to work day, of course a column of black.

in a pan put some onions, garlic, tomatoes, garbanzo beans , and top top with poached eggs. Greens, always a good idea. And cheese.

Onions, garlic, tomatoes, and garbanzo beans all sautéed up and topped with poached eggs gave a good start to the day. There was some cream cheese stirred in there.

all set to go…and delicious
the messy details
shopping list for dinner etc., toilet paper trumps all, or ketchup?

Dinner came calling, and I gave a good try to this month’s cover of Food & Wine Italian Spring Garganelli with Speck, Peas, and Scallion Cream. Had to make some substitutions, speck got held up in customs, so I went with prosciutto. Couldn’t find the exact noodle, so went with another bronze die extruded noodle, extruded versus rolled is what I spent so much time online in culinary school for to simply learn the difference. The difference is big, once you go for extruded pasta you might not go back.

One thing I know, if you are into cooking you never regret time in the kitchen.

Every day dress, clothes: all black, food: eggs and pasta.

Day two, check. Nothing linked, sorry.

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  1. Love these posts!

    • Why thank you so very much. xo

  2. You should definitely go to Guercio’s for the prosciutto and pasta and olive oil!

    • Yes, I agree. My daughter Sarah and I are reading and working ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron and one of the exercises is a weekly field trip, alone, and anywhere that might inspire you. Of course anywhere with food would speak to me, so thank you for the suggestion and reminder, it’s been on my list for years now.

      • It’s the best! You’ll never buy cheese anywhere else! Handmade cannolis from the deli are amazing too!

        • Oh my goodness I absolutely love cannolis. xoxo

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