over what?







At times, it’s in the details; as noted, on Monday we went back to the trainer/gym after a five month hiatus. Hey, we we’re traveling, parenting teenagers, working, living, cooking. Mortifying, he weighed, measured, (even the neck!!), and calculated body fat percentage. Ouch.

Went home that night with two figures, weight and body fat, and sat on the couch lol and googled what was normal, average, for a fifty year old woman.

Well, hello there. We are overweight. Not overdressed, over-loved, over-shopped, simply bordering here on scary stuff, overweight.

Good food and great wine doesn’t discriminate, that stuff loves everyone.





Soooo, instead of getting all freaked out and crazy we’re simply taking note of what’s going on, it’s been a way fun ride, and stepping it up in the gym and dialing it down at the table. Crazy stuff never seems to work here for us, it’s more about slow and steady and more often than not there’s a bump in the road.

We’re not giving up on our farmer’s market trips, or converting to eating anything frozen or pre-measured, no way in hell. Cooking cooking cooking, moving moving moving, and lifting kind of heavy weights two times a week. 10,000 steps a day? That’s a given.


Overweight, over what? See ya.

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Keep the faith, always. xo

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