dress as dress


When something works, consider multiples. Happy almost birthday, soon to be twenty-three year old twins. Really feel like I willed those two, loved being a mom so much.

Birthday wishes aside, dress, this time in sunshine yellow, same one as seen before in black, finally worn as dress.

This was the perfect thing to put on for church with flat sandals while in a resort area. Had I been citywide would have definitely worn the heels. Flat sandals made it super easy to beat the parking crunch, pulled in about 1/4 mile from the church and simply walked, fast.

Wore it to make and serve plated eggs Benedict for the family, there were only eight of us, that dish is not really meant to be served buffet, and for the egg hunt.

Slipped it off for afternoon activities, slipped it back on for dinner with more family, thank you Kate, John, and kids.

This dress, for sure, is an every day dress. Looked like nothing on the hanger, knew it had super potential. Packs well, no wrinkles, no ironing, simply take it out of the luggage and wear. Bought it in multiples, black and sunshine, and can wear it in multiple ways, dress as coat, dress as dress.

Every day dress finally wears dress as dress.

Hope everyone out there had a really great Monday and wishing you an even better Tuesday.

Sunshine Silence Wash Belted Shirtdress, also in Black | Worth New York Spring 2013


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