going long


For poolside barbecue while visiting friends in their high-rise condo, opted for going long. Skin was a little sensitive from too much time at the beach so couldn’t even consider tight jeans, haha. Dress from last year was super comfortable, styled it by borrowing fourth daughter’s cross body bag in light pink and new Chanel sneakers, to give it kind of a modern kick.

Love the simplicity of a dress, and love love when it’s long and comfortable. Love that it exposes a little skin and keeps a little to the imagination. Love too that the extra length also helps cover some of the wear and tear the legs have taken while having such a good time all these years. 🙂 Again, this one packs well and you simply need to take it out of your bag and go. Total win win.

Dear friend can certainly do short shorts and fitted tee, she’s got the body and being super fit is her profession.

If you too think you might like the idea of going long, two great options are coming up at Summer 2013 Trunk Show. Included for you are images of models by profession in the red and chocolate. Can’t wait for Summer Trunk Show? Email me here, happy to help you get every day dressed.

Black to the Ankle Side Zip Dress | Worth New York Summer 2012

Chocolate and Sizzling Red Jersey Maxi Dresses | Worth New York Summer 2013

Daughter’s Bag | Marc Jacobs

Sneakers | Chanel 2013



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