dress over pants

dress over black bodysuit and black skinny jeans

One of my go-to style tricks is to start the day with a black bodysuit and black skinny jeans and runaround everywhere and get stuff done. When it’s time to leave the house, office, or studio and face the world outside simply layer over top: a jacket, a knit, or even a dress, add some good shoes or boots, and done.

could be windy in Provence like it was here in Kiawah at The Ocean Course

Bought this new L’Agence piece for upcoming three-week trip to Provence. I’ll wear it there with sandals and a straw hat for market trips or if the mistral kicks in I’ll do the dress over pants thing to add a layer of warmth.  

iPhone photo of red cotton dress over black skinnies, this one is short on one side and the skinny black denim helps with some coverage

This idea also works if you think your legs have had way too much fun and you don’t feel like sharing them anymore, yet still want to wear a dress or two. 

xoxo, Rebecca

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