a good formula

jeans and a tee, black leather and black lace

Monday’s can be tough, although I used to love Monday’s when the kids were little, and they all had to go back to school. It was a formula then, and a formula now to make the day a little easier. Jeans and a tee, and chicken for dinner. 

once your dressed and out the door, so much easier

Kids are grown, youngest two in college, and I’m still all about jeans and a tee, and chicken for dinner. We’ve upgraded to leather when we need to be out, and lace can dress up anything. Wore this outfit for a women’s only private reception, tour, and artist talk, also by a woman. It was one of those nights when you kind of want to stay put and you don’t really know what to wear but once your dressed and out the door, you’re happy you’re there. I had on real jeans and a tee and knew that just wouldn’t do so after a little serious outfit contemplation decided to go with what I know best and simply upgraded the textiles and strapped on some heels.  

Enjoyed the camaraderie, thank you Cynthia, and was impressed by the work, simply wow Monica. To check out the exhibit Working on the Seam: Monica Anglehead on over the Burchfield Penney Art Center, it will not disappoint. 

flour, salt and pepper, scrambled egg with small amount of water, equal parts panko and parmesan
ready for the heat
weeknight easy dinner
black and white striped tee and denim apron
dinner for three

Headed home and made chicken for dinner, fifth child was freshly home from sophomore year of college and with the husband we made three for a lovely evening in. Pan-fried chicken parmesan, sautéed zucchini, all over gently dressed and tossed bed of greens, a very good formula. 

red lipstick works in a pinch too 🙂

Continued Happy Mother’s Day wishes to all, we were home and baked and cooked, really wouldn’t have it any other way. 


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