Dress. As in the noun and verb. When your day is nonstop and you need to look put together, nothing beats a dress when getting dressed.

Currently reading Daniel H. Pink’s To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others on the iPad. Not a formal book review here but he says we all sell, how about that? Also talks about the one-word pitch: The ultimate pitch for an era of short attention spans begins with a single word-and doesn’t go any further.

After much thought and not sure why it took so long, here’s the one-word pitch for this little blog: dress. Thinking of the verb form, put on one’s clothes, make an effort, bring intent, show up. Thinking of the noun, too. A one-piece garment can often make the day.

Dress shown was worn two years ago exactly to interview in NYC. Back then wore it with a more conservative shoe. Got the job. Today, kind of like pairing it with the rock stud and showing a little edge. Two year contract up for renewal this June, better go pitch the one-word. Dress. 🙂

Every day dress.

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