two piece knit



Investing in quality clothing provides two great feelings; the excitement and thrill of wearing something new and then the comfort and familiarity of putting on the same pieces again, knowing that they work and look great.

When working from home and especially in a creative field like fashion, it’s a little easier to pull off what was once cocktail wear as day/work wear. Bought this two piece knit three years ago. Made its debut for the office holiday party circuit and now you see it many seasons later, as day/work wear during the month of May.

The monochromatic black, the sleek shape of knit, and the simple cut of the two pieces give freedom in shoe choice. Reached for the rock stud again, so loving the low heel, can literally run up and down multiple flights of stairs all day long.

Every day dress does the two piece knit look on a normal work day. See what you have from a few seasons back that can be worn again. Enjoy and wear your clothes, even the earlier party circuit stuff, the two piece knit.

Skirt and Top | Worth New York 2010

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