First Wednesday

Simple mid-December shopping outfit: black knit dress, black cashmere coat I’ve had forever, black lug-sole boots. These are wardrobe pieces I’ll wear into the New Year.

Nothing unusual about today; I started at the gym, went to the market, made the bed, and prepped dinner. These are my habits, and I’m not one for resolutions, as I think they set you up to fail and feel too restrictive.

All the decorations are down. I’ve made a zillion steps up and down to the attic.
I bought balaclavas for our two youngest daughters; I would like to get one for myself.
Even though the blizzard was almost two weeks ago, I think we’re all still feeling a little stuck.

The trees are down in the yard and the house. We lost three large evergreens during the blizzard, and the holiday trees are all nestled away until next season, except for one large one I’ve yet to haul up the stairs.

It takes me a full six weeks to decorate for the holidays, and afterward, I like to get it all put away as soon as possible and wipe the slate clean.

We’ve had houseguests until yesterday morning, and yesterday I felt like it was Wednesday all day even though it was Tuesday. It’s been hard to keep the days straight.  

Bolognese and caesar salad for nine in the dining room; feeling bored with the dinner rotation, need to switch it up. It was easy thought, so there’s that.

I made Bolognese for nine when I wish I had made chicken pot pie; I also wasn’t thinking straight.

White jeans on, white jeans off. There will be a time.
Light wash denim forever before they both left town, Lizzie to London, Peanut to Boston.

I put on white jeans, wore them for a few hours, and took them off. I love the look of white jeans in the dead of winter, yet I don’t love how they feel when the scale is up by three to four pounds. Like I tell my daughters and clients, our bodies are like the ocean, there’s a natural ebb and flow.

Setting myself up for a clean slate.

It’s the first Wednesday of the New Year, and we look forward to a mood-lifting trend. I am sending much love your way.

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  1. R – Love your feed and beautiful family/lifestyle. What is your tan crossbody bag? Beautiful. Thanks

  2. Love you Beckie and your beautiful family. Your dinners look delicious. Definitely in a cooking rut down the road!

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