Keep on Going

We finally got to see Ethan, Lindsey, and Rory on day 6 of the Blizzard of ’22. Grateful. He loved his little train set.
Mazi and Rory. Rory arrived dressed and needed a quick outfit change (a pivot!). We had him unwrap his new dog sweater and pj’s early in the afternoon. So cozy.
Mise en place for beef short ribs. I had walked to the market the before to buy supplies for two dinners, spaghetti and meatballs, and beef short ribs, and carried supplies home in a backpack and two totes. With the driving ban still in place, we all had to wait in line while the store let in 50 shoppers at a time. I was in search of comfort food.
Four hours in the kitchen is time well spent.
I bought myself a thirteen-quart Staub Dutch oven early in the season, and I adore it. I used to make family meals in two or three large Dutch ovens, and now one large one streamlines the process.
I also bought a stack of French white porcelain serving platters this season, they are so useful and good looking. I like to print out the recipe (this one from New York Times Cooking), and write notes on the margins. I than file them in a big binder, sometimes slipping them into a clear sleeve protector.
Peanut baked two loaves of bread. I served the ribs with buttered egg noodles and peas and carrots. Everyone was happy.
After cooking, I ran upstairs and put this dress on with flat shoes. I bought the dress last year for the holidays. It’s an easy, beautiful, comfortable look.
Plating the salad. I find hands are best.
Lizzie helping me with the main course. She left for London yesterday and arrived back at King’s College this morning.

The past three years have taught me you can’t count on anything and to make the most of each day we have.

Yes, I’m being overly dramatic about not being able to count on things going as planned. Of course, many things go as planned, yet many things don’t, and I think we’ve all had to learn to pivot, adjust course, and perhaps alter expectations. I’ve become good at a four-hour game plan, as in, what’s happening now and how can I handle this next four-hour time chunk and make it matter. Four hours is a time frame that’s easy to wrap your arms around and doesn’t feel overwhelming when you might not know what’s coming next. It’s helped me move through many of these days that can sometimes feel the same.

We had a kitchen supper of spaghetti and meatballs on Day 5.
Most days, I try and head to the gym and start my workout at 6 am. I love showering there and getting dressed for the day.
I try and add vegetables to every meal, and leftover salad is a favorite breakfast trick.

Putting dinner on the table each night is one way I like to punctuate one day from the next. What’s for dinner is usually one of my earliest thoughts of the day. I’ve gotten myself back to going to the gym instead of solely working out at home after a long hiatus, and I’ll stop at the market on the way home to pick up supplies. It feels good to have the workout done and the evening meal planned out before anyone else gets up, and that’s a tremendous four-hour chunk of time. The day can beautifully unfold with those two activities checked off the list.

We celebrated Elizabeth’s birthday early so we could sing to her before she headed back to London. She still asks for and wears the paper crown I bought her in Sonoma CA for her 16th birthday. She will turn twenty-four tomorrow, January 1st.
Oldest son Ethan, first grandson Rory.
This lifestyle takes up pretty much all of me, I spend hours and hours in the kitchen. It’s what I choose, and there’s always something new to learn.

Wherever you are, however you celebrate, and whomever you love, let’s all keep on going. Happy New Year.

At least 4 hours of clean up!

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  1. I love following inspirational. What is your workout routine…I have been out of the gym for 6 months due to an ankle injury…Now I am ready to get back into a routine…arms? cardio? legs? buns? abs? Full body!!

    • Hi! Thank you for reading and for your nice comment. Ouch, with respect to your ankle. Best wishes for a full recovery. As for the workout routine, I do a little bit of everything: walking, pilates, yoga, spin class, body weight, and free weights. I feel to be my best my body needs daily movement. Yay for you for returning to a workout routine!

  2. Happiest of New Years to you and your beautiful family!❤️❤️

    • Thank you! Happiest of New Year to you and yours as well. xoxo

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