Love, Wear, Repeat

I’ve loved clothes for as long as I can remember. When layering was the thing, I would pile on every piece from my small collection and wear the look with aplomb, thinking I was the coolest thing ever, and this was at the age of seven.

Now it’s more complicated. I love and collect clothes, sometimes feel I don’t get the mix right, and sometimes lack the sheer uninhibited confidence of that seven-year-old self. Don’t let the blog posts and Instagram feed fool you. Dressing well is an art and craft that needs continual study and practice.

Dressed for a Friday night neighborhood house party. I wore flat slingbacks as I knew my husband would want to walk home.

Last weekend I went to a party and wore a dress I had worn the weekend before to another party: two different parties, some of the same guests. I love this dress, and it’s a relatively new addition to my wardrobe rotation. It wasn’t until a few hours in that I realized I was on outfit repeat, and strangely enough, I felt perfectly okay with it and maybe even happy with the idea. Years ago, I probably would have longed for something new to wear to a social situation that hadn’t been worn or seen before.

I wore the same dress the week before on a Saturday night to celebrate a special friend’s birthday at a downtown club. here I wore it with a strappy heeled suede sandal.

Here is my takeaway: when you love a piece of your clothing, wear it often, and wear it with confidence, even if you might be feeling apprehensive. Also, don’t save your new and good things; wear them now. If someone in your world notices you wore that same dress last weekend, good for you and them. You are getting value out of your wardrobe, and they are getting a little subliminal signal that wearing our good things, again and again, is a good thing.

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