we’re making progress




The party continues in the closet, clothes are strewn all over. Second tree is lit, decorated, and wearing a skirt, still missing the topper. Christmas cards have yet to arrive from the stationer, we’ve done this so many times we must really like that kind of last-minute push.

Wanted to stay home all day, work on the laptop and clean house yet husband hi-jacked me Friday for Christmas shopping and Saturday for hauling and stacking firewood, no joke.

The clothes we wear are multi-purpose. Who cares if the lace top is maybe a little scandalous, it’s topped with a cashmere blazer and a crocodile belt in the mix. Denim is almost a daily must with the run-around and wood stacking.

End of year is an endurance test, we’re making progress.

Wear good clothes and every day dress. xoxo


Love that the kids can now come by and cook dinner. Happy Monday.

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