One of the guiding tenets of every day dress is to make some dinner. Who doesn’t like dinner? Frankly, I start to think about it usually at breakfast.

Another thing we talk about here is walk your dog(s) or walk yourself. Frankly, too darn cold here for that now. Dogs are even in the deep dark freeze.

Can’t look at chicken and can’t think of fish. Husband has a ‘biggest loser’ thing going on at the office so can’t do pasta. Decide on Barefoot Contessa’s California Pizza and know fully well that husband will only eat the top half, no delicious homemade crust for him, weekly office weigh-in is tomorrow.

Does he have to worry? No. Why is it that those that worry don’t really need to?

He is the king and we aim to please. Sorry, single women friends. Yes, kind of old-fashioned here but it’s working. He walks in and pizza is in the oven. After a long day he wants to hit the gym for 4o instead of sitting down for dinner. Pizza comes out, half-baked, it can wait.

He hits the gym, I hit the office. 45 minutes later pizza is back in the oven for 10, no difference really at all, and life is good.

Every day dress does half-baked pizza and doesn’t walk the dogs. It’s a carb party.

Stay warm. Love Barefoot Contessa recipes on a cold weeknight.

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  1. my favorite dinner 🙁 so sad i missed it

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