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Started this Monday like most Monday’s, with true intention at the gym, before hitting the office. Really went at it. Half an hour, two times a week, of total concentration, mix it up with daily walking, with our without dogs, shoveling snow, cleaning gutters on the weekend, whatever it takes. Really not interested in 45 minutes to an hour on the treadmill going nowhere anymore. Honestly, thought about staying in bed for about two minutes, but really, what choice is there?

This Monday, also had reason to celebrate. Dear friend recently turned fifty and about fifteen of us gathered together to celebrate her.  Decided to dress for the night, and, why not? Here’s to the thought of showing intention, at the gym, at the office, to celebrate a friend’s birthday, Monday or no Monday.

Monday is perfect to pull out the dressed up satin pants and jacket, stow the standard black, and carry a small clutch bag. Monday’s are full of back to work, make the phone calls, return the emails, hit the grocery. Let’s all make it a little more fun by putting on our good clothes.

Had a great conversation with seventy something mom of the birthday girl. She agrees, make the bed, get out of the exercise clothes, put on some makeup, walk or get to the gym, make dinner, use cloth napkins, all with intention. Her daughter does all this too, probably one of the reasons we are very good friends.

Yes, this is all so fundamental.

Photos taken very quickly by fourth, twelve-year old daughter. Remember, cottage industry here. Our hope is to inspire women to every day dress.

Every day dress was at the gym, in the office, and dressed for cocktails. Monday Monday. Happy Birthday dear Cynthia.

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  1. I think your daughter did great job! Love the zoom in of the beautiful details of the jacket. You look stunning!

    What a fun Monday…a little of all that counts……..

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