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Husband likes to hit the road and change it up as often as possible. That means being ready to go when he says go.

Yes, maybe a little old-fashioned but it works. Six kids, businesses and property and still want to get away from it all at times and boy, better have the clothes ready. When you feel good in what you’re wearing you can get away super quick and focus on those and everything else around you. That’s the important stuff but great clothes sure do help.

For this road trip to Finger Lakes Wine Country and Geneva on the Lake, wore the long silk dress pretty much still packed from the AZ trip. Added a new sweater from the current sample sale, good wardrobes evolve over time, and always love a good sample sale.

Dressed for dinner in all white linen, one color and you don’t have to think, pants from last season, halter top Summer 2013. Pulled the hair back, no time for that, and day one down for hit the road Summer 2013 road trip.

Happy weekend everyone. Hope you all have some great getaway clothes on deck for when it’s time to go.

Interested in shopping sample sale? Email me here, rebecca@everydaydress.com. Been carefully outfitting many women for their great hit the road getaway trips. Don’t need much but what you take needs to count.

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  1. I was just in Geneva today! Beautiful!

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