how to shop sample sales


So you are headed out the door to a great sample sale. How to navigate to prevent regret?

Buy if you can walk out the door wearing your desired purchase that minute. If it looks and feels great and needs no or minimal alterations it is an absolute yes. Adjustment of pants length is okay, resizing the piece in any way is not.

Pass if you think you are going to lose 5 or 10 or 2 or 20 lbs to get into it. Trust me on this one. It is just not worth the stress of thinking about losing the weight.

Pass if you feel any sense of hesitation at all. No matter what you think you are saving it really comes down to how much you spend. Spending on clothes to wear today or tomorrow at sale prices is great, spending on clothes that will just sit and take up space in your mind and closet, is not.

Here’s to your success with sample sale shopping.

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