have a backup


The lighting is great, location divine, food and wine have been delivered, and everyone is dressed and in a good mood. It’s time to break out the camera to take a few shots for the new fashion and lifestyle blog.  We’re ready to smile and wouldn’t you know? The battery pack needs a charge.

No problem, iPhone camera to the rescue. Not quite like the digital camera I am learning to use but it will get you through. These photos were taken last night with the iPhone at the Buffalo Yacht Club.

What’s the fashion lifestyle correlation? When getting dressed for the evening I discovered my Hermes scarf ring was nowhere to be found. Immediately text daughter two and ask her if she took it with her on her road trip to Boston for a concert. She texts back ‘maybe’ which really means ‘yes’. Her next message begins ‘duh, mom, just use a ring’.

Okay, backup one for lifestyle? Keep your battery charged and carry your cell phone. Backup two for fashion? Listen to your daughter when she has an easy solution for missing wardrobe items. Just use a ring when you want to wear a scarf as a halter.

Worth New York 54” scarf & Worth New York White Linen Pants

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