it’s a party


We’re led to believe it’s a perfectly orchestrated and decorated party all month-long, and surely it can be.

We like to talk about the every day here; so after travel and work and kids and dogs and loving husband and house(s), not in any particular order, I’m declaring a party in my closet.



Also sharing with you our undressed tree, she stands in the corner without even a skirt. 🙂 We’re working on all the above.

Dear Santa, I can’t really explain…

Stay tuned for more polish, simply wanted to check in. Love to all.

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  1. Way to keep it real, Rebecca. I should add a picture of my pantry and all the ingredients I bought for the cookies I probably won’t start baking until12/24!

    • haha, think I’m with you on those cookies!

  2. This makes me laugh! I don’t even have a tree yet … Keep thinking I want to do it with at least one or two of my four children – but that may not happen. Merry, Merry! Lucy

    • Right? Merry,Merry to you as well. Wishing you happy moments with two of four children or whatever goodness it might be. xo

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