slow and easy


We’re staying put for Christmas this year, and it’s going to be slow and easy. Not that anything is ever really slow and easy, simply a mind-frame to try to hold onto.




Life keeps coming at you, holidays or not. House had a phone call this morning that took my breath away and had to pause, and then catch it again.

We’ve got one pre-lit tree up and ready, that became part of the rotation years ago when we started making our annual trip to northern CA. Leaving town preempted the real tree. Yesterday we picked up a fresh-cut too, she stands solo while waiting for her lights. This year, instead of nine of us flying out we’re flying just one of us in, oldest daughter that lives in works and NYC.

IMG_5575Photos shown are from the weekend, slow cod and asparagus, ready to be put away for breakfast or lunch the next day, easy winter greens and a simple yet festive front door look. We’ll be adding to it all as the days go on.

Everything here is do it yourself, no household staff, and supplies are picked up here and there while doing the runaround.

Happy Monday everyone. Every day dress, slow and easy. Gotta believe.

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