Wear the Dress

Ecru dress and gold mules for Christmas dinner

We are on day five of the Blizzard of ’22, and it feels like we’ve never left holiday lockdown. Last year we were all tucked in with Covid; this, we’re homebound with unplowed streets and driveways, a city-wide driving ban, and never-ending snow falling.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to write and share on social media, particularly during hard and scary times, and what I realize now is that there is always a hard or life-threatening time going on somewhere and that I might as well write.  

If I waited until the coast was always clear, I would never write or share, so here I am. And not to minimize or be unaware of what goes on around me in the world, if I want to bring it back to the raison d’être for my site here, I will have to say, wear the dress.

Going nowhere.
I could only leave the whipped cream outside for 3 minutes or it would have frozen.
I made two vegetarian lasagnas for Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve table. We like to plate the salad in the kitchen.
Here is the spinach artichoke lasagna with an Alaskin King Crab leg, our annual tradition.
Scratch Red Velvet Cake for dessert. I get most of my recipes from the New York Times Cooking App, and like to most use those that have 5 stars.
Christmas Ever with my two youngest. We’ve been living in this pj’s yet I make the effort to get dressed every day, even though going nowhere.
Christmas morning table. Silver sequin tablecloth, $50, from Amazon.
Ham and eggs, alwasy a hit. I’ve been in the kitchen forever. 🙂
Christmas dinner is most always an easy tenderloin, mashed potatoes, and green beans.
A classic New York Cheesecake (I made it the day before) with a raspberry coulis.
Here is Bill’s Christmas cracker, a paper tree tied on top of a red truck. We’ve been moving them aroud the house and using them only as decoration so far as Ethan, Lindsey, and Rory are still snowed out of Buffalo. We are waiting for all of us to be togetther before we pop them.
Last night it was many hands on deck as we used the Christmas ham and frozen peas to make a simple yet delicious pasta dinner.
Plating in the kitchem, teaching my girls how to leave the rim of the plate clean and to twirl the noodles with tthe tongs.
For this dinner I wore blue leather pants, black turtleneck bodysuit, and shearling slingbacks.
Last night’s dinner. We use everything in the fridge. This morning I walked to the market with a backpack to get eggs and butter.

Take every opportunity to show up for yourself and those in your world as your best. Use your good china, put a cloth on the table, make each meal a celebration, always make room for another guest or two, put on some lipstick if that’s your look, and wear the dress or whatever it is that you might be keeping for good. Good is what’s going on now.

The last time we were out and about, Thursday, December 22nd. I wore the dress. 🙂

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  1. Wow! Great job! You have inspired me, I have to try to make that red velvet cake. Hope weather gets better and you all are able to leave soon! Happy Holidays! ❤️

  2. Just an incredible dress- you look stunning!

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