leave no trace


Forget the paper wrappers. For pop in your mouth miniature cupcakes pour the batter in tiny reusable silicone cups, bake, cool slightly, pop out, and repeat. Keep going and stir up three batches. Chocolate, Yellow Butter, and Ginger. Bake bake bake. With only 24 at a time it takes a while to make a bunch. Cost benefit would have been to buy multiple sets of the cups. Do it with clothes all the time, why hesitate at $24.95?

Follow Martha exactly except stop yourself before the buttercream pansies, daffodils, and sugar crystalized rose petals. Probably would have gone there several years ago but now I’m a working girl. Clean and modern cupcakes will do. If truth be told I did trim the edges of the miniature cakes with scissors to make them all a uniform size. Always love a uniform.

Line them up in boxes, those can be left at the venue. Next time will definitely bring smallish cellophane bags, those tiny little cakes wrapped in cellophane would have really left no trace, rather than paper plates and foil. Oh, well, live and learn.

Every day dress baked miniature cupcakes. Sometimes, like buying new shoes, leave no trace, forget the paper wrappers.

Mini Pastel Silicups, set of 24 | Williams-Sonoma

Recipes courtesy of Martha Stewart | Cakes and Cupcakes



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