let the belt speak


Quick post: there are days when you really can’t think and again have to rely on a column of black. To continue on yesterday’s theme, black and navy, here is a simple way to get dressed in black and brown.

Classic black crepe wool trousers, fitted bodysuit, and let the belt speak. In this case, brown on black. A little more interesting than black on black for sure. Added a barely there neutral shoe, and, presto, dressed and ready for work.

Every day dress does black again, been trying to move people, and adds a brown belt. Keeping it simple.

Sometimes question myself on why blog? Answer from a younger friend, ‘we’re all really trying to do the same thing, get through the day with grace and maybe a little style, and you inspire us.’ Thank you, younger friend.

Husband walked in the door after his long day at work and said, ‘wow, you look nice.’ Day is done, life is good. Every day dress.

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  1. Love the brown belt over the black outfit! So chic! Rebecca….keep on blogging….you inspire us!!! Thanks so much!!!!

    • Thanks Kathi, have a great day and weekend. Hope our paths cross soon.

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