march madness


Spring 2013 Trunk Show that ended yesterday and was packed and shipped out to CA all in the same breath has totally created a posting pause. Can’t seem to do it all at the same time and it’s okay.

Getting ready to fly out on the 5:45 am flight tomorrow, Thursday, to present a small grouping of Summer 2013 in NYC. While all the big names have already shown Fall 2013, Summer 2013 in mid-March is feeling just fine.

To actually get out the door tomorrow needed to do some run around and restocking of the food supply. Since it’s snowing and freezing here and causing a bit of a feeling of fashion march madness, relied on black skinnies and fur-lined Jimmy Choo biker boots to get through it all. The lug sole combined with the slip on style just can’t be beat. Love those things.

Wanted to share that yes, it’s been hectic, and yes, we still sat down for dinner. With the lit candles. And fresh tulips and daffodils on the table. The blooming forsythia in the backyard is a total visual and spiritual mood enhancer.

Don’t you love the real life kitchen counter? That’s a half eaten chocolate bunny up front that’s been dunked in the Jiff peanut butter jar. Honest, it’s all cleaned up proper now.

Thinking that the real march madness will be when every day dress wears open toe sandals to New York tomorrow morning with a high temperature expected of 36 degrees. They at least have lug soles. 🙂

Thanks for reading. Every day dress heads out the door for Summer Fashion wearing mad open toe sandals in March, tomorrow. Wishing everyone the brightness of the coming Spring.




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