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let’s share a scratch welcome cocktail
kitchen love
Left the cities and haven’t been back, all travel by car

Feels like it’s been ages since I’ve been here, we left Boston MA late May and now it’s late June. We basically stopped in Buffalo to change our clothes, empty out the car, and then we high-tailed it out to the country house where we’ve been living; certainly, absolutely privileged.

prepping the welcome cocktail: pureed fresh watermelon with fresh lime juice, a splash of OJ, simple syrup, a cayenne and kosher salt rim, and a jalapeño garnish
I helped with all the food shopping, the pie, the Mac & Cheese, and I marinated the steaks
run around town look to pick up provisions: I’ve been living in these Moussy jeans, Vince cotton tank, husband’s belt

Three Monday’s ago, two youngest daughters hosted a small country dinner party for ten. I helped them out with a little menu planning, a lot of shopping, and a healthy amount of kitchen prep.

I make vegetable stock once a week and freeze it in 4 cup measures in ziplock bags to add quick flavor to soups, quinoa, really anything
I like to add vegetables everywhere, here I stuffed in spinach leaves to a simple grilled cheese sandwich
even breakfast gets turned into a party with a small glass of rose. we’re not going anywhere so I try and make things special at home
rose in a juice glass, sliced watermelon garnished with garden mint, hot pink garden flower with more mint, also in a small juice glass, use what you have
simple silk L’Agence dress (I’ve been known to wear it all day and then sleep in it at night, whatever) over bikini for dinner
one of the few nights we ate early, scratch bolognese sauce, Caesar salad, garden mint (it’s plentiful!) in a juice glass for the centerpiece

Since and before then I’ve been in the kitchen pretty much non-stop: quarantine bubble of our big family is now in town. The last four nights I’ve done sit-down dinner for twelve, those are completely different stories, just thought I would break the blog fast with Lizzie and Mary’s young collegiate dinner party.

Elizabeth all ready to serve her friends watermelon margaritas
we put the gear all on a cookie sheet to carry it out to the garden
white votives and a good play list are always a must
I prepped the Mac & Cheese for them before I left for the night
and I also baked the blueberry pie, love the moon cut-outs
hand-snapped homegrown asparagus ready to be simply grilled
they set the table poolside, this was three Monday’s ago and I hadn’t yet filled the pool pots
they served buffet style from a smaller rustic picnic table
as Mary would say, ‘vibe check’ campfire 🙂
put the black slip dress back on with a navy striped cashmere sweater over the shoulders golden goose sneakers to head out of town to Ellicottville
husband and I had our own little party for two while in Ellicottville, cut-out heart cookies I made in February, a sweet little treat from the freezer

Love that they love to share the kitchen love too. They kicked things off with a signature cocktail and ended with campfire s’mores. I helped them during the day and then Bill and I took off for the night to Ellicottville so they could do their own thing. We had to cut the lawn there anyway, Bill let the lawn guys go so we were on landscape duty. It took two cuts to get things under control. While Bill mowed, I weeded non-stop crazy style, we filled the entire flatbed of the truck.

sister love

This country life has been divine. Lots of good hard work, lots of family shared meals.

Every day dress, share the kitchen love.

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  1. Rebecca you are amazing! Everything you post is so beautiful to look at especially your gorgeous daughters. I love how you prepped for their dinner party! I’m sure that was no small task. Please share how you/they made those perfect cayenne and salt rims on the glasses. How blessed you are with a beautiful family, beautiful homes and remarkable talent to create a beautiful life. May they always bring you great joy. Monica xo

    • Thank you Monica, love sharing the love. As for the cayenne/salt rim, straight cayenne too strong, mellowed it out with fine sea salt, mixed to proportion to taste. Good luck! Everyone loves a margarita! xoxo

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