meet manolo


Dear Mr. Blahnik,

You were warm, charming, engaging and made us feel welcome. You smiled for pictures and signed the soles of our shoes. Your suit was divine, your socks fun, and your shoes, well, you know, simply outstanding.

Will never forget my first pair: stood with new-born sixth baby in my arms while waiting for the daily circle of the UPS truck and my overnight package from Neiman Marcus. The precious box contained the Carolyne Mid-Heel Halter, Dark Brown, still a favorite style. Couldn’t wait to put them on, had really no place in particular to go, simply wanted them desperately. Actually wore them to sixth child’s christening and felt particularly grown-up, not sure if the feeling came more strongly from parenthood or from the shoes.

Twelve years have gone by, several (maybe many) more pair have been added, and your shoes continue to empower. They are beautiful and unbelievably comfortable. The cost, like the heel height, while maybe high at times, has not gone where others have, thank you.

Thank you for your impeccable style and for making women all over feel beautiful, each and every day.

Thank you, Mr. Blahnik, Bergdorf Goodman and professional and gracious second floor shoe staff, the Meet Manolo event was an absolute pleasure.

You are all, quite simply, outstanding.

Very truly yours,


Every day dress does Meet Manolo in NYC, yesterday, March 14th.


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  1. Shoes and champagne….a dangerous combination!!! Can’t wait to get my Manolo (‘s!!) in the mail!

  2. What a fun day! Beautifully written.

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