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two cups of coffee before anything else

In the online world there’s a ton of talk about morning routines. You can google ‘morning routine’ and a whole slew of articles, opinions, books, tips and tricks will flood your desktop. Here at the every day we keep it kind of simple:

Upon waking the very first thing is to brew some coffee. Feed the dogs while the coffee drips. Drink two cups with half & half, maybe check email, maybe check bank balance, maybe check Instagram, maybe check the blog and maybe check the business. If there are humans up and about, I’ll forgo all of the above and drink coffee with them which is so much better. Click this link here to read Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life.

My very favorite thing is to hit the gym first thing several times a week and, on most days, I’ll walk (or run) with the dogs. 10,000 steps plus a day here we come.

An absolute non-negotiable for me is to make the bed. I’ve been making the bed every single day for as long as I can remember. If I do some simple math that means I’ve made the bed approximately 30,000 times as I’ve made countless kids beds too. The best thing about making the bed is that even if your day goes to hell you can feel good about getting one thing exactly 100% right. 

I like to spend some time settling the house because I really can’t be my best when stuff is all over and dishes are undone. This could literally take me all day and absolutely all of my time as running a household (or two) is never ending. Sometimes I put a timer on and race the clock just to see how much I can get done in an hour or two. 

Next up is breakfast, and that’s usually some kind of eggs, with greens if I’m working it, and definitely some buttered toast of some sort. I’ve been playing with intermittent fasting and postponing breakfast for as long as reasonable.

Three of four daughters and I do morning pages: three free hand written pages of semi-conscious streaming. Once the words are on the page most everything else feels a bit better. Click here to see Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.

After all that it’s time to get dressed, put some makeup on, brush the hair, and get out the door or work from home. It’s really a pretty routine thing, coffee, dogs, exercise, bed, house, food, clothes. When all that is done it’s the start of a really good day. 

Would love to hear about how you all get your day started, is coffee in the mix, making the bed, or intermittent fasting?

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