New White Denim for Fall

white denim, navy cashmere, black boot for fall
higher waistline lets me unzip the cardigan a bit
same denim with a lofty white turtleneck, fabric has good stretch
I had great success with the marigolds this season and am now saving the seeds for next year
close-up of the sweater with the denim. the whites are different and I like that!

I recently added to my denim collection, and the new pair is white. I know some say white denim after Labor Day is a no-go; I, on the other hand, am all for white denim all year long.

Obviously love white with black, white with navy might feel like summer yet I love the freshness of it for fall too.

Anyway, this pair has been on Fall repeat, and I’m looking to wear them for winter too.

Love the higher waist, the looser fit, the cropped leg.

Every day dress, new white denim for fall.

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  1. I agree about the white pants. I’ll be up in two weeks and you can bet I’ll be bringing my white jeans!

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