Notes from Wedding Festivities

you may kiss the bride says the officiant Elizabeth
married! and with a glass of chardonnay

Our oldest son Ethan, his new wife Lindsey, and their adorable nine-month-old son Rory were with us in Florida for two-plus weeks of blissful and exuberant wedding festivities. We also had our oldest daughter, our son-in-law, and her two young children in the house. Three babies aged one and under, and a WEDDING! It was sublime and outrageous in the very best way. With so much family activity and growth, we had to book hotel rooms for most, and Bill and I had five-month-old William with us in our bedroom as our best little roomie.

the OG with oldest son and beautiful bride

It was a kind of celebration where each day had no beginning or end, sliding into the next.

Not even sure where to start to share, I might have to go with a few simple thoughts until my head is clear.

FOB with stunning Lindsey in our bedroom an hour or tow before the ceremony
can it get any cuter?
there was a lot going on ALL the time

Weddings are life events, and the pure love and affection that shone between the bride and groom lit everyone in their orbit. A simple way to relay the abundant joy is to say that the dance floor was jammed with ALL the guests (even my husband!) and that the band did not stop. It was exceptional.

wedding white cozies and the best smiles
Peyton, Caroline, and William in prep mode

Thank you, Russ, Karen, and family, for all and every last thing that made magic happen.

you might have to buy a sewing machine for all things alternattions

ps. all photos here are from my iPhone. will have to post some updates as the professional captures come in. 🙂

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