oh, anne

IMG_2245 photo 1Blogging has been a bit slow and life has been a bit fast, isn’t that the way? While cleaning out the home office, trying to get a bit centered as always, taped up these two photos of Anne Hathaway from December 2010. They’re right beside two other tape-ups, how to work when you just don’t want to, and …can’t remember better read it again.

Not sure what about these tear-outs that have kept them around so long, loved you in Princess Diaries, didn’t understand the Oscar thing, and cried like a baby watching Les Mis on a flight home from Paris this time last year or so.

Your Elle December 2010 cover shot feels relevant today with  the smoky eye, nude mouth, and long, high-lighted hair. While we might really think a chic short haircut, bright red mouth, and skinny skinny whatever is good, it’s just not that doable in the every day.

In the every day the red lip, while looking quite great, is a little hard to kiss, eat, and drink. Leaves marks on the glassware, and telltale go-to signs on others.

Oh, Anne, kind of got you going on the taped up inspiration board, these images still have my attention. Want to highlight my hair, wear a smokey eye with a nude lip, and a gold dress, and have a bit of thigh meat going on. That thigh thing just doesn’t seem to change here.

Every day dress, oh, anne, may we all be ever evolving.


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