If there’s something out there with a bit of an edge and a clean line and it’s black and has silver hardware, here at every day dress it’s gotta be an instalike. Working on the social media thing, kind of slow going as we’re doing some every day living here.

Restaged this from #saksstyle, shared and tagged by twenty-four year old daughter, and had fourteen-year old daughter snap the photo while driving her home from a sleepover. Had my most likes ever (on Instagram),, 135 or so, ha, (thought that was pretty good), those two-teenaged daughters get 300+ with pictures of themselves in the garden. ha.

Black leather jacket, grey cashmere sweater, black bag with silver hardware, instalike. Should we say instalove or is that way too serious, considering all that black?

Keeping it easy, instalike, instalove, whatever. It it’s black and has some silver going on, insta wardrobe workhorse.

Bag | Saint Laurent Paris

Quilted Leather Jacket | Worth New York



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