on the road, in the air

Youngest of six is headed to university this fall, and first daughter will be married this August, at home. It’s been a bit of a go-go, never really knew we needed heaters and air conditioners and generators and a foolproof rain plan for a tent out in the countryside, yikes. We’ve put on parties and dinners out there for decades, yet this one coming up is out of our ordinary, we’re wedding planning, and sending our youngest off to college, all in a short breath. Spent last weekend on the road to Providence RI, and the week or so before that in Charleston and Greenville SC. Not sure where we really are these days, on the road or in the air.

Husband has been into the Airbnb thing, and that is good. You get to settle in a bit and cook. If there’s a thing or two that can settle the soul it just might be losing your mind for a while and putting dinner out for a dozen or so. Time slows down when you’re at the table, with those you love.

Happy Monday everyone, we’re quickly headed into trunk show mode again, getting on with our other equal passion, helping women find clothing to wear and love.

Every day dress, on the road, and in the air.

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