one outfit, two parties

DSC06549DSC06543DSC06538DSC06531For two parties, one in Buffalo NY and the other in San Francisco CA, wore the same outfit. Two different climates, both house parties, blue lace and blue velvet, fit the bill. Not the usual combination but the cutaway tank and the velvet pants have the same ease as a  t-shirt and skinnies. Life is busy, let’s keep it simple.

Four daughter’s have yet to catch on to wearing the same party clothes over and over, I think it makes sense.

Can’t wait to wear the macrame cutaway with white jeans, that’s coming soon. On the hunt for the perfect white shirt to wear with the blue velvet pants for downtime coming up. This Christmas thing is crazy. Haven’t found the white shirt yet, in the meantime might have to borrow husband’s or one of two son’s.

One outfit, two parties, every day dress.

Hang in there all, we’re almost there.

Blue Lace Cutaway, Blue Velvet Pant | Worth New York Winter 2013

Bag | Dior

Shoe | Aquazurra


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