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photo-43Normally a carry-on only kind of traveler, really don’t like getting hung up in baggage claim, packed it all in for travel to San Francisco and Sonoma CA to celebrate Christmas with the husband and the six kids.

This travel thing is really getting kind of easy, clients ask me all the time for packing tips and I think I must write it down and get it out in 2014. For now the one thing that entered my head when packing and traveling was pack only what you love and wear. Why bother with anything else? If you don’t love it and you don’t wear it, leave it at home.

This Christmas trip required four pieces of the classic monogram Louis Vuitton luggage collected over the years and one foldable packable travel bag.  Two most recent additions: the Pegase 55 Louis Vuitton and the Boxford Travel Bag L by Longchamp Paris.

The Louis roller has been a great addition, fits in overhead bins and makes train transfers super easy. You can get enough in it even for a quick overseas trip and the front pocket is great place to stow the MacBook Pro for quick in and out for security check through.

The Longchamp travel bag, picked up last time in Paris by necessity to get some extra goods home, is here filled with Christmas gifts for the niece and nephew.

Travel outfit? I know, of course denim, black, and flat boots. You would think being in the business of dressing women I would come up with something a little more original, but, hey, it works, and makes getting on the road at 5 am to catch a flight doable.

Much to the husband’s dismay, he had to upgrade the size of the rental car, I packed it all in. Even had to bring the Christmas cards and wrote out many on the cross-country flight. Half were done before leaving town, half not. Keep on moving, it’s Christmas time.


ps. Either of these bags would make great lifetime Christmas gifts for a special traveler in your life or for yourself. There’s still time, I’m just starting the shopping for the family today…

thLouis Vuitton Monogram Pegase 55

longchamp_travel_bag_boxford_1624080042_0Longchamp Boxford Travel Bag L

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