one size up


Daughters, clients, and friends know I talk about a women’s body being like a beautiful and magnificent ocean, with constant ebb and flow, in and out as the tide.

So now, we’re one size up. Kind of fitting as it’s Monday August 1st and we’ve traveled and dined from coast to coast. Totally worth the ride, yet now we’ve got to roll it in. Work a little more, play a little less.

We’re starting the slide back east, and we’ll be in full reentry mode with all that comes with it this Thursday. Also enjoying every last-minute of away time, as we know once back there it will be like we never really left.

Every day dress, one size up and it’s okay. xoxo

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  1. Yep, one size up here at well. Thanks — needed to hear that it’s OK.
    Travel safely home. xo

    • Thanks, Barbara. See you soon. xoxo

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