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South Boston morning walk

We’re currently in South Boston hanging in for a little; baby got her (four) wisdom teeth out yesterday and doc in BUF wouldn’t/couldn’t fit her in his surgery schedule so new sons-in-law aunt pulled some strings with their doc in NH and here we are.

always pack some pretty things

Packed just a few things; two pairs of jeans, two tees, two sweaters, and some boots. Of course, there was some lingerie, always was, always is. Pretty things make tough days a little sweeter. Doc said I looked nervous, ‘heck, yeah, she’s my babe’. He asked, ‘well, how many kids do you have?’. I said six and he said ‘no problem, you have five others’. haha.

Post-surgery we laid low, watched a few movies and made some dinner. She’s doing great, exactly as her birth day; handles these things with grace and ease.

working the camera from the remote
when they figured out what I was up to

In the downtime I’ve been fooling with the blog, reading online photography manuals and learning how to work the camera remotely from the iPhone.

Pretty things and every day dress. xoxo

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