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Saw these pants in the Fall 2013 line and just couldn’t resist. Never in a million years did I think I would ever wear Camel Skin Print Velveteen Pants. Are you kidding? Turns out I couldn’t be more excited, ran to the door when the UPS man arrived late this afternoon and knew I had to put them on then and there for dinner out. While contemplating them several weeks ago twenty year old second daughter took a look and said, ‘oh, no, you are not wearing those out with me.’ Well, wear them I did, and with her, and she now thinks they are kind of great.

Thinking that the trick of pushing it with the wardrobe is that when you wear a stand alone statement piece, here camel skin print pants, that most of the time the rest of the outfit should stay kind of quiet. Kind of like too many voices speaking all at once in a small room, way too distracting. So much more effective to listen to one at a time.

Every day dress is kind of pushing it with the so on trend this season of skin print pants. So many women could have so much fun with this pant. Skin prints have become so classic they could almost be considered neutral, much like your favorite jeans or black pant but so much more interesting. Couldn’t wait to wear it out even before it was shortened. If you are thinking of adding this kind of thing to your wardrobe, go for it and don’t look back. Skin print pants will make you smile.

Paired these with a Manolo Blahnik single sole pump from the back of the closet worn years ago while working in professional fundraising. Kind of thought I would never wear this conservative shoe ever again, was keeping it in the closet strictly because they were Manolo’s. Good thing. Turns out the shoe is feeling quite fresh.

Pushing it a little with the wardrobe is fun. Heck, they’re only clothes. ūüôā


IMG_4275Camel Skin Print Velveteen Quinn Pant | Worth New York Fall 2013

Flannel White Doubleface Pullover Jacket | Worth New York Spring 2013

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  1. Can i borrow those this weekend? thanks!

    • Yes, of course! Take them out downtown.

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