quitting the gym


Between now and January 2nd, so much to be done. For so many years, probably since I’ve been fifteen, the gym, or some equivalent, has been the leveler.

Thinking about quitting the gym, at least for the next 3o days. Hall pass. When traveling, didn’t see one European woman walking or running or doing errands in her workout clothes and they all looked pretty damn good. Used to think giving up sleep was the answer, wouldn’t wish that on anyone now. Americans seem to spend an inordinate time in exercise clothes with pretty much only increasing waistlines to show for it.

Like any other woman this time of the year it will be all systems go. If I trust in myself to rely on all the good stuff that’s been deposited, come January 2nd we can pick up and go.

Walking the dogs, hauling groceries, moving clothing and furniture, constant movement, yes. Driving 14 minutes each way to work out with weights for half an hour two times a week, not this month. Way too stressful. Heck, I’ll shovel snow off the driveway.

If you’re committed to your exercise routine for the next 3o days, I’m with you, all about that, have done that for decades. If, however, you’re about walking and working and loving and eating, come with me, I’m quitting the gym, if only for  a while.

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