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The Louis Vuitton Alma MM handbag in pomme d’amour will instantly lift the look of any outfit. This bag will easily hold all of your essentials and a camera and iPad while still looking chic. I have had this bag for two and a half years and rotate it in and out of my wardrobe regularly.

The white pants? The same ones you have seen in previous posts- these are linen and have a bit of stretch to help hold the shape. I machine wash these on cold, hang to dry, and steam and starch iron them myself. Saves on the turnaround time and cost of the dry cleaners. Plus, white pants are a summertime staple and need to always be ready for you. I like to update white pants every year, they are one of those things that really need to have a fresh look.

The blouse in these photos has a bit of a french nautical look. The stripes are actually done in black and white, not navy. I love mixing black and navy and consider them both compatible neutrals. For those of you that wear navy with navy and black with black, try mixing the two together. Check out my daughter’s black bandeau with the navy and white striped tee over it- I think she looks pretty darn cute.

I am wearing Worth New York White Stretch Linen Gladys Pant with 66% Linen 32% Viscose 2% Lycra in the fabric content, genius, a Worth New York  blouse from several seasons back, Persol sunglasses, Prada shoes and carrying the bag described above.

Have a great Saturday.

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  1. Looking good, Beckie! Great job!

    • Hi Susan, thanks so much for your comment! Thanks for subscribing, too! You are my third follower… 🙂

  2. Love the red bag Worth has one for Fall , I see. Love the pic of your daughters. They are clearly styling as well!

    • Hi Aileen, the red patent bag we have coming for Fall 2012 is amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Thanks for your comment- yes, daughters love fashion too.

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    • Hi Dave- I will give your plugin a look. Thanks, Rebecca

    • Hello Acira,
      Thank you for your nice comment. I will check out your website as well.

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