same jeans, chambray shirt




IMG_4286 IMG_4290 IMG_4295When traveling, and really just about any day, it’s easiest to wear certain things over and over. Buy well, wear often.

For day 2 of quick little in and out getaway, wore the same white jeans, added a belt, and tucked in the chambray shirt that if truth be told was the night before night-shirt, untucked of course.

One kind of rock and roll cuff, a pair of flats. Eye makeup, grocery store nude lipstick, and done. Nothing fancy or unusual here, simply an easy way to dress during your downtime.

Have a great weekend everyone, heading back north tomorrow morning.

Every day dress, same jeans, chambray shirt.

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  1. Too funny we both have similar taste
    We have the same engagement ring & wedding band

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