scarf as halter, again



Yes, posted this last summer but like the wardrobe it’s good to update and refresh. So, here you go, how to wear a square scarf as halter, again.

For the best look your pants should sit a little higher on the waist than your low-rise jeans. Shown here are JBrand skinnies in mid-rise. A scarf ring or any ring is used to at the neck to create the two neck ties. This one, from Hermes.

Start by folding your scarf in half cross wise. Place the folded edge along the waistline of your pants and thread two points through the ring, bring up around your neck, and tie in a small square knot. Take the other two points and wrap around your waistline and secure with another square knot, in back. Viola, scarf as halter, again.

Shown also is the handsome husband with one of our remaining hens and gorgeous fresh eggs.

Photos shown were taken last night Thursday after a quick run to the country house. Perfect night for blue jeans and ice cream.

Happy weekend everyone, took forever to upload, need a better way.

Every day dress does scarf as halter, again, country-side.

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