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DSC01251DSC01254DSC01272DSC01275DSC01277DSC01278Every season or so it’s a good idea to update the makeup. Keeps things fresh. Keeps one motivated to put it on before facing the world, professional or simply runaround day. Putting on some makeup for yourself and others shows you live with intent. Kind of shows that you’re positive thinking, optimistic, and plan on making your day count. All good, right?

Here’s what’s in the fall makeup kit of every day dress: dark nail color, of course, and the new dark is green. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour, 591 Alchimie and 601 Mysterious. Have been wearing these for several weeks now and loving the look. Haven’t used the metallic on the hands yet, kind of like to keep the sparkle on the toes only. Makes me nervous to have glitter on the fingertips, dark is enough of a statement.

With the new dark nail gotta have a nude lip. Yes, the big time fashion world shows dark nails and a dark mouth, just can’t get there. Pretty much every time I put the dark lip color on I end up wiping it off before leaving the house. Maybe because the preference is to eat and drink every couple of hours and the dark mouth is way too hard to keep up? Picked up two, never enough nudes, Chanel and the new Marc Jacobs. Chanel is Rouge Coco 55 Icône and Marc Jacobs 112 Severine. Both so easy to wear and to reapply often, even without a mirror.

The advice for women as they age is to move away from powder blush and into a cream. Looks more natural on mature skin, find that concept mature skin kind of funny, but decided to add two to the regime. Le Blush Crème De Chanel in 61 Destiny and 63 Révélation. Product is super easy to use and goes on best with the fingertips. Darker in the hollow, brighter on the cheek.

Eye shadow and liner are the best. Do the eyes well in the morning and they can last all day. To keep the green thing going have been using the new quad by Chanel: Les 4 Ombres,  43 Mystère. Always throw those miniature brushes that come with it upon opening and use instead a proper eye shadow brush or the fingers. This one here, which is super great and gifted to me by my mom, Chanel Eyeshadow Blender 19. Highly recommend it. Black eyeliner, pretty much all time favorite, and picked this one up at Sephora with the Marc Jacobs launch. Thought I was purchasing the pencil and came home with the liquid. Oh, well. Haven’t quite gotten the hand of it yet so still using the MAC pencil, not shown.

Chanel has done some heavy promotion with respect to their new product, Les Beiges, Healthy Glow Sheer Colour. They’re introducing it as a new makeup approach. From the poster size brochure Play It Your Way. Enhance, Brighten or Bronze…and Beyond. It can be worn alone or over foundation and has an SPF of 15. Anything new makeup wise by Chanel and I’m in. Bags and shoes need serious commitment, nail colour and bronzer give a quick fix.

Is it a great new product? Must say absolutely yes. Have been wearing it for several weeks and it saved the face yesterday. For in and out business travel to NYC for the day, put this compact in by bag for touch ups. As the face was done at 5:15 am for a 6:45 am flight and the return was 6:20 pm, it had a lot of touch ups to do. Performed brilliantly. And, no mess. Liquid foundation was put on and left at home in the morning, Les Beiges N° 30 was used for touch ups all day and had me beautifully covered. Felt good.

So, hoping to inspire you if you haven’t already to put on some makeup and to find your new dark, dark or not.

Every day dress does the new dark and it’s green.

Housekeeping notes: as this is a long post might as well as we like to say go big or go home.

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Thanks for all, and, every day dress.



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  1. I always look forward to your posts, especially since after 11 pm, kids are in bed and I catch up on emails!

    Love, love, love the dark colors especially the green polish. Gorg!

    • Enjoy your kids and your quiet time, both are sublime…xoxo

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