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Much like most women I’ve talked with, it’s been a bit frenetic. Not quite sure why June feels like all systems go, haven’t even unpacked the carry-on from last week Thursday in Chicago IL.

Was quite on the verge yesterday, running all over everywhere. Calmest part of the day was when we put it all away and made some simple dinner. Third daughter has decided to go meat-free, fine with us, so a roadside market stop with a few cupboard staples makes the meal. Really trying to stay away from anything processed, yet canned artichokes, olives, and some quinoa cooked in sweet onions and parsley will have to do. Best part is that she’s now taken an interest in cooking, and did the beet greens all by herself. Composed salad, quinoa, and beet greens, dinner done.



Self-talk is to simply stay composed, lol. We’re in the office building a team for Fall Twenty Fifteen, and sometimes wonder where the lines blur between work and play. Thinking that when you love what you do there’s really no black or white, it’s all gorgeous grey, and here’s what we’re working on:


They look pretty composed, right?

Every day dress, family | fashion | food, LOVE it all. Simply stay composed, haha.

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  1. That is a beautiful summer meal. I’m sure you enjoyed it and each other.

    • Yes, and we used what was hand after a road-side stop and didn’t have to go to a store, best part. 🙂

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