custom cropSo you talk to your kid (or two) about pitching in and helping with the social media thing and whoa, not surprisingly, they have lives of their own. Then you’re stuck, with stuff out there that’s not really what you’re thinking, and you really don’t know how to change it back and it scares you and think about how many internet hours you need to make it look like something you relate too, and then you just can’t think about it and decide to ignore it yet it really never goes away…

Hello kid (or two) love you to the moon and back and all around the glob-o-sphere yet you’ve left me in the lurch. There’s an ‘about‘ page and a ‘contact‘ page with no content at all and we’re really not ‘liking‘ it. Fired? Or not really into it which we completely get, just let us know for real.

We can make this happen, fired or not, for fired is a word that might arouse the emotions of; make enthusiastic or ardent, and that might just have to be me here. 🙁 It’s hard to engage those that might not be engaged and that’s okay, it’s always about timing.

Dear subscribers, and there’s 137 of you out there, thank you. On long walks with the dogs for sure thinking about where we are and where we might be going.

Every day dress, need to fix that header photo, yikes, and fix a bunch of other stuff, keep the faith everyone, and (not) fired. Work in progress, always. xoxo



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  1. I think this is kind of funny, the asking the kids to help and all. I am sure you will get it exactly how you want it….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, because it’s going to be an incredible New Year, you know why for me anyway!!!!wore my fur vest tonight loved it!!!

    • Oh, love YOU to the moon and back too, you get it I know. 🙂 So happy you wore and love your new fur vest, wishing you many returns of the day. We love us a good outfit repeat.

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