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Daily movement of some kind is a must do. This weekend, cardio-raked leaves instead of enduring the monotony of the treadmill or elliptical. Even set a time limit, just like you do when you hop on those machines. One hour max, each day, to prevent boredom. Bonus time was when I exceeded the hour just from the sheer pleasure of it all.

Raking leaves is therapeutic. Your mind can think things through while your body is being conditioned. Instead of a digital display of calories burned you get to see a nice big pileup for your effort.

This is pretty basic stuff. Every day dress is about the every day. Aging is tough and does not discriminate. Do the stuff every day that makes you feel and look good even when you feel like tucking into the half-dozen donuts you buy for your kids. Move every day. Live and love every day.

For Sunday afternoon drive out to ski town to check on construction projects, switched up the suede vest from Spring 2012 and wore it over a column of black, easiest default ever.

Every day dress rakes leaves.

suede vest and black long-sleeved tee | Worth New York                                      black jeans | DL1961                                                                                                                black boots | Jimmy Choo                                                                                           sunglasses | Oliver Peoples





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